Havertown Seventh-day Adventist Church

Hi Norman….I’m starting with a cloze….or rather an easy fill in method that forces team leaders to answer specifically….this is just a loose suggestion…you can edit to fit the need.
“Everyone’s Ministry” is just a way of saying “this is where the ministry name goes”.
Everyone’s Ministry is an integral part of the church because_______________________
Members and friends join Everyone’s Ministry for______________________, _____________, and ________________________
Everyone’s Ministry meets every __________________ at ________________________
Some meaningful projects this year have been_____________________________________
We look forward to projects such as_____________________________________________
Get involved!  Contact_______________________________Search in the___________________for meeting times, projects, etc.
Draft – Women’s Ministries web info for Havertown SDA Church’s site.
Women’s Ministries reflects the mission of the larger church body – sharing Christ’s love through the gospel message. 
One might ask why women or men or children are designated by separate ministries?  In essence we are all one ministry, but subgroups can assist in supporting issues that are unique. 
Women’s Ministries is an integral part of the church because…….
Families build the church, and women are often the foundation of families.  With this is mind, we focus on family /children, home care, strong husband wife partnerships, senior or single roles, etc.
Havertown Women meet regularly to share personal struggles, triumphs, laughter, and life changing prayer.  We choose helping projects that emphasize giving.  We celebrate births, support grieving families, and plan uplifting outings.
Joining our team…..
We consider every woman a part of the team.  Ask Faith Mattison about monthly get togethers, and  updates. Some are held at Havertown Church, and some are held in homes.
One past project that was a true inspiration – our trip to Adventist World Headquarters in Maryland.  We took a motor coach to the site and started our tour at 9:00 am.  The headquarters, the newly completed Ellen G. White museum, the food, and the trip through a nearby Botanical Garden made for an amazing experience.
Women’s Ministries looks forward to creating gift baskets for school age children this August.  Get involved by bring pencils, pens, markers, glue, scissors, etc.